Intelligent technology for consistent disinfection

Ultra-V is a proven decontamination system that emits ultraviolet (UV-C) light to eliminate pathogens in a diverse range of clinical areas, reducing the threat of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Increases UV-C accuracy

The weakness of Ultraviolet light decontamination technology traditionally is they don’t always cater for different room sizes, dark corners or diverse surface areas.

Only Ultra-V is designed with Spectrome technology, which analyses, measures and adjusts the UV-C exposure for each room to provide consistent and measurable results.

Signficantly reduces HAI risk

The Ultra-V system is proven to significantly reduce biological contamination across a broad range of organisms, and reduces the risk of HAIs in acute healthcare environments.

  • Can achieve between a 6-log and a 4-log reduction of a broad spectrum of pathogens
  • Inactivates Clostridium difficile infection (C.diff.), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE) even in light soiling

Shortens treatment time

Compared to other devices, the Ultra-V system offers the shortest overall treatment time to deliver the most effective disinfection of all surface areas.

Only Ultra-V accurately monitors the level of disinfection applied giving you the shortest treatment time.

Validated assurance

Be intelligent with your decontamination program. Have the data you need to make significant improvements to current practices to make your hospital a safer place. 

Ultra-V is the only decontamination system that will generate an electronic report every time you run a process and even email it to you automatically after every process. Have the data you need to make improvements your decontamination program, analyse your useage and keep track of your operators.

Proven Spectrome™ technology

How Ultra-V™ works

Ultra violet light (UV-C) is an electromagnetic radiation with a shorter wavelength than that of visible light, in the range of 280–100nm, and is proven to kill deadly bacteria in water. This shorter wavelength effectively destroys the DNA of pathogens that can cause HAIs, preventing these organisms from performing vital cellular functions.

Smart design for shorter treatment time

Unlike other UV-C disinfection processes that depend upon a fixed treatment time, Ultra-V uses self-monitoring software to evaluate and adjust the time required for each room, based on various aspects, such as size, surface reflections and the extent of bacteria.

Placed in one central location within each room, Ultra-V can effectively decontaminate all surfaces in the enclosed healthcare area within the shortest treatment time.

Proven by independent clinical studies

The efficacy of Ultra-V technology has been proven by a range of independent research on UV-C room disinfection in healthcare environments to achieve a 4-log reduction in contamination to the hospital environment.

Using the patented Spectrome technology, can be assured of a consistent reduction in bacteria in the room or space you are treating. Place the Spectromes in an out-of-reach corners and monitor the level of decontamination received.

Simple to use vs other decontamination devices

By design, Ultra-V™ is an intelligent, automated technology that is simple to use by any trained member of staff.

  • Designed to be operated by a single person
  • Full operator training course available with a certified qualification
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Easy to move and steer

Advanced safety benefits

The Ultra-V system uses Wi-Fi allowing remote control operation of the main unit, outside the treatment area. It also includes various safety features that minimise the potential risk of UV-C exposure for staff.

  • Movement sensor system automatically switches off the bulbs when any movement is detected in the treatment area
  • Stop Emergency button on the process monitor can be used at any time to end the procedure
  • Process monitor checks WiFi communication with the Ultra-V main unit. If this communication is lost, it automatically switches off the bulbs
  • No need to cover glass partitions between rooms

Intelligent operation

The Ultra-V system is available with a fully licensed ABC Level 2 -4 training course to make sure all operators and supervisors are certified to use the machine. Every qualified member of staff will be issued with a unique key card that allows activation of the Ultra-V process. This data is then logged and emailed as a report to an email address of your choice.

  • Ensure you operators are trained to an international standard to perform process
  • Track who authorises every process across your organisation
  • Only qualified operators are able to run a process, ensuring an effective decon every time


Ultra-V™ system emits UV-C light, which destroys the nuclei acids of the microorganism, leaving them unable to reproduce.
Yes, direct exposure to UV-C light can cause serious damage to skin and eyes.
Yes, UV-C light is absorbed by most products.
No, call Hygiene Solutions for service and support
Average side room would normally take 20 minutes to complete.
Process can be stopped by pressing ‘Process Stop’ button on the screen.
Spectromes™ monitors decontamination process to ensure the correct UV-C light exposure.
Process can be started by using a unique key card.
Yes, only trained operators can use the Ultra-V™ system.
Yes, rooms has to be manually cleaned to remove gross soiling, dust and dirt.

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