Emergency On-Call Decontamination

24 Hour Rapid Response Service

Hospitals are under constant threat from infection. Even the best preventative measures and cleaning practices cannot stop an unexpected outbreak from occurring.

However, with the right decontamination service, you can combat the infection at the source and prevent it spreading through the hospital – keeping bed spaces free, minimising strain on resources and protecting staff and patient health.

At Hygiene Solutions, we have worked alongside hospitals to develop a world-class 24 Hour Rapid Response Decontamination Service. We will be on site within 8 hours from the time we get your call, ready to fight infection and eliminate any opportunity for a patient to acquire infection whilst in hospital.


How can we help?

Call our emergency number 0800 652 2689. Lines are open 24/7
Our On-Call Decontamination service is available 24/7 to deliver a safe patient environment. Call our main number 0845 270 6690 to arrange your callout for when you need it.
Do you have a question about a specific environmental challenge or outbreak? Our team of experts are able to provide assistance over the phone to help you ensure your environment is safe for patients. We will work with you to do whatever possible to eliminate chance of infection.

Our 24 Hour Rapid Response Decontamination Service will:

  • Be with you within 8 hours of your call
  • Deliver our latest Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) and UV-C technology to the affected areas and guarantee the infection will not be transmitted further
  • Proactively ensure the area is safe for patients to be readmitted
  • Offer expert advice to ensure the vectors of transmission are targeted against further infection
  • Follow up the process with validation to give you peace of mind that the infection has been dealt with
  • Answer and respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


90% of callouts are within 4 hours

Some of the emergencies we can help with right now:

  • Emergency decontamination of a single side room post discharge of an infected patient
  • Emergency decontamination of a theatre post surgery of an infected patient
  • Emergency decontamination of an area post sewage leak
  • Emergency decontamination of a treatment room post clinic list or infected patient

Rapid Response

We know that bed pressures are a never-ending challenge in hospitals. When infection occurs, it needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible before it can spread further.

Hygiene Solutions Rapid Response On-Call Decontamination Service has been developed alongside hospitals to make sure patient turnover is maintained and beds are un-blocked as quickly as possible. When you call us we guarantee we will be with you within 8 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We want you to know that the best decontamination is available to you quickly, and that your patients will be in a safe environment.

Validated Assurance

Many decontamination technologies and services will not give you the reassurance or clinical outcomes to confirm that the environment is safe for patient admission. As a result, decisions could be compromised due to lack of assurance and inability to respond in time.

After every process we run, we provide validation so that you can make informed decisions about the patient environment. Every callout will receive a report on the decon processes carried out and comprehensive validation.

Our Technology

Our On-Call program is the only decontamination service in the world that uses two leading decontamination technologies combined. Both technologies have been developed with UK hospitals to ensure an infection-free environment for patients. We validate all our processes so that improvements to patient outcomes can be made.

Support Systems

Our On-Call decontamination program includes all the supporting consumables and accessories needed to carry out effective decontamination. This includes Warning Signage and systems to seal off the affected areas while the treatments are taking place as well as anything that may be needed to target challenging areas.

Proactive Treatment

When a patient is diagnosed with an infection, it is important to get the environment they have occupied cleaned and decontaminated as quickly as possible. We often find that areas around the patient’s immediate environment are also at high risk of contamination, which is why we offer proactive treatments while the decontamination is taking place.

The On-Call decontamination service team will work with you to identify high risk areas around your site and any possibility of the infection being transmitted there. Our operators are experienced at working in collaboration with hospitals and will guarantee the patient’s safety when being readmitted to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're the UK's only Rapid Response Decontamination Service, and only service to use two world-leading technologies combined to deliver the best possible validated decontamination. We will respond within 8 hours and our trained engineers will work with you to eliminate any opportunity for a patient to acquire an infection in the area.
We validate every process and provide you with a clear and structured report, as well as expert advice, to ensure the environment is safe for patient admission.
Of course. We always put the patients need first and we will be with you within 8 hours. We will ask for you to provide the information for the relevant authority to sign off the process but this will not hold up our service.
We guarantee we will be with you within 8 Hours. Most of the time we will be with you sooner, depending on your location.
We can decontaminate any area necessary. Our experts are equipped with multiple machines and technologies to eliminate infection in the largest or busiest areas with as little disruption as possible. If the area required for the decontamination is particularly large or challenging, please advise us beforehand so we can ensure every resource is provided as quickly as possible.
Our Rapid Response Decontamination Service is UK Mainland only. However, if you wish to pre-arrange a process then please contact our main number and we will be happy to help.
Yes! You can have as many processes done as you need during the callout, just let us know how many you think you will need so the engineer is prepared.
Anyone can call, as long as you provide us with the details of someone who can sign off the process

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