Decontamination advancements will protect more patients from infection outbreaks


According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, an estimated 300,000 people pick up hospital-acquired infections every year, and recent outbreaks of norovirus at hospitals around the UK constantly make the news, causing chaos to staff, patients and the public alike. One hospital reported a subsequent 25 per cent demand increase of their emergency services, and people in need of medical attention were advised to stay away. It’s easy to see how quickly and easily such an infection can disturb the smooth operation and patient welfare of hospitals and care environments; as well as the precedent it gives to serious infection outbreaks in outlying communities, putting increased pressure on the already-struggling medical services. In 2011, the NHS recorded a 6.4 per cent prevalence rate of hospital-acquired infection, and whilst numbers have plummeted significantly over the past decade, there is still much to improve.

However, new infection control and decontamination solutions offer an effective lifeline in the struggle against outbreaks. Decontamination specialists have developed ground-breaking technologies proven to be easy and effective in the fight against hospital-acquired infections. Pioneering ultra-violet light and hydrogen peroxide vapour solutions, the products and services have already seen many NHS trusts manage the challenges of infection outbreaks. In fact, trialled hospitals have experienced as much as 98 per cent decontamination over standard cleaning methods, thanks to the flexibility and reliability of the solutions.

The key to effective infection control involves a combination of solutions, expertly designed around each hospital’s individual needs, taking into account bed counts, patient turnarounds and specialist requirements. Technologies are complemented by 24/7 on-call services, which allow potential outbreaks to be eliminated before they have any opportunity to spread. The communication of these specialist techniques within healthcare settings is important, in order to unite healthcare professionals in the common goal of properly decontaminated environments to protect patients from outbreaks.

Comprehensive decontamination services make life easier for staff and patients. Minimal disruption to operations during decontamination allows staff to continue their work, and patients are assured that any sign of outbreak can be contained immediately, whilst experiencing improved service and hygiene. Ultimately, effective hospital decontamination solutions keep patients safer by promptly addressing outbreaks at their source, and eliminating the danger of widespread hospital-acquired infection.

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