The A-Z of Decontamination Services

Knowing that you have a need for a decontamination solution is the first hurdle, but understanding exactly what service you should be looking for and which one is most cost-effective isn’t always so clear. So we’ve put together a brief overview of everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right decontamination solution for your healthcare setting.

Decontamination Methods:

  • Deprox®Deprox® is a regulated vaporisation system for bio-decontaminating enclosed spaces. It provides high-level efficacy with validated log-6 reduction, and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete a treatment. It does require sealing, but is ideal for use in the highest-risk situations.
  • Ultra-V – Ultra-V is an automated disinfection system that uses ultraviolet light (UV-C wavelength 268) to enhance the efficacy of regular cleaning. Providing validated log-4 reduction with a very quick turnaround of approximately 20 minutes, Ultra-V is perfectly suited to proactive decontamination and fast-turnaround situations, and makes for much easier room prep.


Different Types of Decontamination Service:

  • On-Call – Our On-Call Rapid Response Decontamination Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is usually a reaction to an immediate and urgent contamination issue. Both Deprox® and Ultra-V are available via our call-out service. An initial call-out will be responded to in the quickest possible time – usually within 4 hours – and will involve immediate treatment from a fully qualified engineer to target the specific problem. Engineers will also offer staff advice on how best to handle the situation going forward.
  • Proactive Service Our Proactive Service is similar to our call-out service, but tends to be less urgent. Usually the driving force behind this service is that you’ve seen the impact of the on-call service on an isolated area and want to adopt a more proactive approach to decontaminating larger areas or multiple rooms. In this situation, our Customer Care team will discuss your specific requirements and present the best solution.
  • Managed Services – For heightened reliability and assurance, we also offer full- and part-time Managed Services, for which our engineers will be based on site. We will create and manage a tailored decontamination programme for your specific needs, following thorough assessments. There will be engineers based on hospital grounds for regular opening hours, and quickly accessible in case of any emergencies. Hospitals will have a dedicated engineer and account manager, as well as their own equipment, guaranteeing a service that will best serve their needs and keep their operation running smoothly. Full-time management provides all of the above benefits, with dedicated 24/7 service and constant analysis and risk assessment, to keep the programme working to its fullest advantage and provide staff and patients assurance of the cleanliness of their environment. Our management will attend meetings and operate a 24/7 help desk in order to achieve the safest and cleanest setting possible at all times.


Decontamination Services in Practice

Healthcare providers across the globe are seeing the benefits of adopting our reactive and proactive decontamination programmes to help keep their environments safe and infection free.

A hospital in Sydney said, “Automated environmental decontamination has been a big step forward for us. The Deprox® technology is clearly the leader in this area but it has been the support of the Hygiene Solutions team and their 24/7 On-Call service that has made the implementation of this so effective.”

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals said, “We’ve looked at all the environmental decontamination systems available and it was really the combination of very innovative technologies with excellent support from Hygiene Solutions that helped us to decide to use Deprox®. Hygiene Solutions helped us with experiences from other sites and we worked together to fine-tune it for our hospitals.”

Hygiene Solutions is the proud to be the only company in the world to offer such comprehensive decontamination technologies and services. We can assist with any healthcare contamination issue, anywhere, at any time. It is our vision to eliminate any opportunity for a patient to acquire infection whilst in hospital by empowering hospitals to intelligently apply innovation that stops the transmission of infection.

As a spokesperson for Cambridge University Hospitals so eloquently put it, “There is no ‘silver bullet’ to infection control but we’ve worked with Hygiene Solutions to develop some world-class cleaning practices which have proved invaluable in the drive against healthcare acquired infection.”

If you have an urgent decontamination requirement, or would like to find out more about any of our decontamination services, please contact the Customer Care team on

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